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25 000 ֏/person
Flash Mob Show

Flash mob translates as "instant crowd". Its essence is that a group of people who have planned their actions in advance, unexpectedly for everyone, begins to attract attention to themselves with the same movements. The action can be absolutely illogical, the main thing is that everyone around should have fun.

Culinary master classes

Cooking is a special kind of training that allows you to make colleagues friends and teach them how to work together and, accordingly, increase the productivity of the company.
  • Master class of cooking dolma
  • Master class of cooking Uzbek pilaf
  • Master class of decorating an Armenian dinner table with food design
  • Master class of Italian cuisine
  • Master class of Japanese cuisine
You choose one of the directions and thus the main dish of the evening is prepared by the team on their own.
Creative master classes

We recommend choosing one type of master class for every 15 people, thus dividing into teams, each creating their own masterpieces. At the end, each team presents their work and receives various awards agreed in advance with the management of your company.
Choose your favourite master class and join our magic!

  • Clay therapy, ceramics master class
  • Carpet weaving master class
  • Traditional ceremony of Armenian music
  • Readings of Armenian Classical Literature
  • Creation of sandals
  • Creation of scarves
  • Batik - silk painting
Wine degustation

The most popular evening in Yerkir program.
The sommelier conducts a wine tasting, examining various wine-growing regions, while a beautiful harp sounds in between.

A beautiful ceremony that helps to consolidate the team spirit, gives unity and mystery to your company.
Yoga team building in the format of laugh and traditional tea drinking

The main goal is to relieve emotional stress among employees, rally the team, eradicate conflicts, and cheer everyone up.

Consists of game exercises for laugh and interaction with colleagues. We jokingly call it kindergarten for adults. The trainer will show simple and very funny exercises that will cause a storm of positive emotions. At the end a traditional oriental tea ceremony served.
Traditional Taraz photo shooting

By dressing in taraz style and participating in a photo shoot in Yerkir gardens, your team acquires an incredible cohesion equal to family values.

Friendship between colleagues and attachment to a common cause are strongly fixed.
Wool team building

Woolen team building is a way to feel unity and cohesion in the team. The task is to demonstrate that each of the participants is closely connected with other persons by many communication threads.
First, the speaker makes a speech, says that all members of the team are connected to each other by invisible communication threads.
The speaker explains the rules: a ball thrown to a person symbolizes conversion. Then he throws the skein with his right hand to one of the participants in the program, holding the end of the thread.
The participant who caught the object repeats the actions of the leader - throws a woolen ball to a colleague, holding the thread. After a few minutes of such actions, the training venue becomes like a web. When the thread ends, the host takes a ball of a different color, the procedure is repeated.
To make it more fun, more interesting, during the throw, various phrases are shouted to each other: “keep the gift”, “for good luck”, “catch success”, “catch love”.
Big Picture

The organisation of this art team building is especially popular. The goal is to create an overall picture. Each team receives its own pre-prepared fragment of the picture. After completing the tasks, the canvases are combined, and a common unique creation is born. Conducting this team building causes a storm of emotions, contributes to the unification of the team, the manifestation of creative solutions and the increase of creative potential.
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